Founded in 1977, Strimech have built a reputation for supplying great quality equipment to an ever-changing marketplace.


Our office opening hours are:

Monday - Thursday 08.30 - 17.00
Friday 08.30 - 16.30

You can find us at:

Strimech Engineering Limited,
Longmore Avenue, Bentley, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 0BW

You can call us on:

Telephone 01922 649700
Fax 01922 649802

Our Team


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Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890

Tim Sherwood
Technical Director
T: 01234567890



Below you can find various information and specification documents for many of our products.

Product Catalogue


attachment user guide


Bagezee poly baG filling system


fork positioner


Heavy duty shear grab


High capacity heavy duty buckrake


universal bale handler


Square-wrapped bale handler


Wallet folder


Pro AG brochure




Material Weights

Below you can find approximate material weights for your reference.
These figures are intended as a guide only and may vary.

Apples 525 85
Ashes 604 85
Barley 600 85
Beet Pulp (nuts) 604 100
Beet Pulp (pressed) 906 110
Brewer's Grain 1110 85
Brick Aggregate 1828 100
Carrots 636 100
Cement (natural) 874 100
Cement (Portland) 1440 100
Chalk 795 100
Clay (fire) 2080 100
Clay (wet) 1680 110
Coal (anthracite) 1046 100
Coal (bitumous) 765 100
Coke (loose) 570 85
Earth (dry) 1150 100
Fertilizer (mixed) 1030 85
Flour 445 85
Gravel (dry) 1650 85
Hay (normal density bale) 190 110
Lime (quick) 881 100
Limestone (crushed) 1530 100
Manure (farmyard) 922 85
Nitrate Fertilizer 1250 85
Oats 415 85
Onions 556 85
Peat (dry) 400 100
Petroleum Coke 680 85
Potatoes 699 85
Refuse (town) 318 100
Rubble 1047 100
Sand (dry) 1550 100
Sand (wet) 1890 110
Sawdust 238 110
Silage (ensile) 747 110
Silage (green) 349 110
Slurry 1780 85
Snow (fresh) 200 110
Snow (wet) 400 110
Sodum Chloride (dry salt) 1300 86
Straw (high density bale) 254 110
Sugar beet 530 110
Turnips 540 100
Wheat 730 85

Kilogramme = 2.2 pounds. Metric tonne = 0.984
25.4mm = 1”. Metre = 1.094 yards
4.546 litres = 1 gallon. Cubic metre = 35.2 cu ft

Support & Advice

Every Strimech product is backed by our industry leading product support package:-

This Includes:

  • Spare parts inventory
  • Full spares listing on website
  • Service engineer with fully equipped service vehicle
  • Extensive dealer network
  • 12 months’ warranty
  • Dedicated product support helpdesk
  • User guide

Strimech promotional activities include attendance at major machinery shows where our attachment range is on display. Our sales team is on hand to help with any materials handling requirements you may have.

Additional detailed leaflets are available from our sales office for all Strimech products. We are now introducing video on CD showing our attachments in use in a variety of applications. Copies of video CDs are available from our sales office - just ask for the product you would like to see.

Technical Advice

Our technical sales team are committed to ensuring you get the right product for your handling needs. Our friendly team of advisors with a total of over 50 years’ experience is available to hear from you at any time. 

We can even design and manufacture a product specifically for your business with our cost-effective in-house design service. Using CAD technology, our design team will work with speed and efficiency to produce the optimum design to suit your needs, at the right price.

Our production team have the benefit of over 40 years’ industry experience, giving products that are robust and meet your handling needs. All products are CE certified and comply fully with current European Health and Safety standards.

Your order is in the safest of hands. From receipt of your instructions to delivery. Customers across the UK will receive their order delivered by our own fleet of Strimech vehicles. 

Our wealth of experience in working with overseas customers will ensure your order reaches you on time in first class condition.

For Sale

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Terms & Conditions


  • Prices are exclusive of VAT and are retail prices.
  • Equipment is supplied at prices applying at date of despatch.
  • All equipment is supplied with brackets unless stated in the price list.
  • Attachments for direct mount attract an additional charge.
  • Spare parts are quoted ex works.
  • All previous price lists are cancelled.

Invoices should be settled in full 30 days from date of invoice.


  • All purchase orders must be confirmed by fax, post or e-mail.
  • All purchase orders should clearly specify part number, price, delivery time and type of machine.
  • A minimum order charge of £25 applies to all orders.

All capacities, sizes and weights shown are approximate. Strimech reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Strimech does not accept any liability for any delivery delays or consequential loss.

Cancellations can only be authorised by the Strimech sales team. Confirmation by fax/letter is required. A charge will be made to cover the cost of work already completed prior to cancellation.

Returned goods will not be accepted without prior written agreement by Strimech. Returned goods are subject to a handling charge of 25% of their nett value, plus the cost of outward and return carriage.

All new equipment is warranted for a period of 12 months from date of invoice. Our warranty does not apply to wear parts or bought out items, unless covered by an additional manufacturer’s guarantee. Strimech will undertake any rectification work using our own service engineer on site - this should be arranged through our product support helpdesk. Strimech may opt to use its local dealer for rectification work at its own discretion.  Rectification work should not be carried out without prior notification and approval by Strimech. Claims for work carried out without authorisation will be rejected. Strimech may require the equipment returned for warranty work at its own discretion - transport charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

All equipment shall remain the property of Strimech until the customer has paid the contract price in full. While the goods remain in the ownership of Strimech, the customer must insure them against damage, theft or destruction for the contract value. Equipment will be returned to Strimech on demand at the customer’s expense. Proceeds of any insurance claim in connection with the equipment will belong to Strimech.
This is an excerpt from our terms and conditions of sale - a full copy is available from our sales office.


  • Every Strimech attachment is designed to meet current European Health & Safety standards.
  • Every design is completed in accordance with 'EU Directive 89/392, Amendment 91/368/EEX and 93/44/EEC', carries the CE mark and is supplied with a certificate of conformity.
  • Certain types of attachment are supplied with a test certificate where appropriate.
  • Lifting equipment requires re-testing and certification at 12 monthly intervals - Strimech offers this service.
  • Man carrying equipment requires a retest and certification at six monthly intervals. Strimech can provide the retest and certification service, contact our services helpdesk for details - 01922 649700.
  • Every Strimech attachment is supplied with operating instructions for its safe use. Additional copies are available on CD or can be downloaded from our website,
  • User guides are available for our more complex pieces of equipment, eg: Bagezee, Pole Planter, Forkezee, etc. These are supplied with the relevant attachment at the time of delivery.

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