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The largest and most respected range of attachments designed specifically for the farming community, including buckets, forks, grabs and spikes.


Heavy Duty Twin Bale Spike

Heavy Duty Twin Bale Spike The Twin Bale Spike comes with 4 spring steel tines that can be moved to suit the customers requirements. The versatility of the spike enables you to handle either Hesston, Square or a single Round Bale.

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Contractor Fork and Grab

Heavy Duty Contractor Fork & Grab This contractor fork and grab is designed for a multitude of applications including manure handling, green waste and general contracting work. The contractor fork has a filled in back to keep materials away from the headstock. This product comes either with or without the…

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Multibale Handler

Multibale Handler The multibale handler is the perfect choice for a multitude of different bale handling needs. This bale handler will handle 2 Hesstons 1200mm x 1200mm, 3 Hesstons 800mm x 800mm, 4 Quadrants 1200mm x 700mm and 6 mini Quadrants 1200mm x 450mm. This bale handler comes with a…

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531-70 8

Manure Fork and Grab

Manure Fork & Grab The manure fork and is ideal for handling manure and silage. This model is ideal for machinery with a maximum lift capacity of 4 tonnes and has the option of round tines or spring steel tines.

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m20-2 BH 3   BALE GRAB 603-3

Hesston Bale Handler

Hesston Bale Handler The hesston bale handler is designed and built to the highest specification to thus ensuring a greater working life. This design will handle a multitude of bales and also comes with a retaining claw to help stabilize loads.

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current stock of brushes

Bucket Brush

Strimech's Bucket Brush offers a quick and effective way to clean out your sheds, yards and construction sites. The design of the brush allows quick and hassle free fitting and removing of the brush from any existing Strimech bucket you may have in stock.  

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Bale Fork c/w Detachable Top Frame

Bale Fork c/w Detachable Top Frame The bale fork c/w detachable top frame has 3 tines as standard but can house up to 5 tines in various positions which enables the customer to handle a multitude of bales. This design also comes with a detachable top frame to help stabilize…

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Potato Scoop

Strimech's Potato Scoop has been design and manufactured using the latest technology ensuring all of our customers are supplied with the best attachment available. As part of our commitment to offer superior products, improvements have been made to provide a market leading range of quality attachments. The Potato Scoop is…

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Bale Squeeze 1

Wrapped Bale Stacker

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B 62 4 IN 1 ON JCB 1

4-in-1 Multi-purpose Bucket

Strimech's Heavy Duty 4 in 1 Multipurpose Bucket is designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard to ensure the customer is supplied with the best possible attachment. The bucket is designed for a multitude of applications and can be used to clamp, grade or dig. This bucket can be utilized on…

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